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Small Fixes


Small fixes. Now you can see dungeon maps. I had this around for a while but I never got around to adding it. I removed links to AIKA JP and ID. Old Brazil links still work. I will no longer update them.

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Update for 2015


Happy new year everyone. Enjoy the new updates. Mostly to do with the Heaven Set cores. BR and ID will come later when I get time. iPhone app will be updated soon.


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AIKA DB For iPhone and iPad

iOSシミュレータのスクリーンショット 2013.12.05 23.07.03

If you guys use an iPhone or an iPad, you must find it hard to read the site. So, I have created the Aika DB for iPhone and iPad!

It features all the data that you can find on this page, and includes a search functionality that will enable you to quickly search for all the Items, Quests, and NPCs that you need.

It costs $0.99 so I can eat since I’m unemployed at the moment, so please support me and enjoy the app!

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Comment if you have a question

I know most of you have my e-mail now since someone posted it on the gpotato forums, but please don’t email me directly. Instead post a comment. Everyone needs to see the question so they can answer it too in case you missed something.

Also if there are typos in the db, you might be looking at the wrong version. There is a North America version for those of you who play that one.

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Updates updates

I know everyone’s been waiting for this. Quite a bit of pestering got me to do this and some lolposts on the forums showed people said my DB was showing signs of aging. HAH. I don’t see wrinkles anywhere. Good luck finding them. (let me know if you do)

Anyway, enjoy!

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Update: North America addition

I have read the statistics, and I have seen many many links come in from GPotato’s AIKA forums where people have constantly been linking to my site, and many heated discussions have gone on based off the information from here.

I have added a North American version to the DB as a way of saying thanks to all the kind words everyone has put in for this site. Also, a big HI to everyone who played in Gallia with me back in the days of Global, I’ll certainly be looking forward to freeing up some time to see you guys ingame.

Drop me a line if you have suggestions/bug reports/want to say hi, and have fun!

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Minor update

I’ve fixed up the relics and skill effects for the new relics because they were wrong. You guys might find some issues with items that have Korean names, I’m working on that. If you find problems, please just comment here and I’ll fix it up. Suggestions are welcome too! Don’t keep it to yourself because all of us love the game!

P.S. Working on a North America specific version of the DB.

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I Can Has Epic 2

I herd you gurlz liek Litshas, until you took an bullet in the knee.

Anyway, the new update has 140% more content! (not joking) I’m sure most of you noobs are wondering whats in Hestia. Well I’ve got the new maps, new NPCs, new quests, new equips, new items, new mobs etc… all fleshed out in Karena, Leopold, La Conti etc etc. Enjoy.

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AIKA SEA Switch Update

Since AIKA Global shut down, this db has moved focus to AIKA SEA, which is the next one that comes closest to Global. You’ll find the new recipes and stuff in this new update too, and I’ve fixed a couple of errors around the place. Tomorrow’s Epic II! I wonder what will be inside of it…

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Fixes for some pages

Some kind people have told me that certain pages don’t work. So here’s an update to fix them! I also put in stuff from the latest update. I haven’t been playing in a while so I’m not sure what’s going on right now but hopefully this will be useful!

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